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Professionalism and efficacy

We work so that our clients get the most out of their investment and have the information as an ally in the growth of their business. We adapt to your needs, your capital and your good practices.

Quality and Responsibility

We have a strict quality control system based on specifications elaborated along with the client. We are committed to go along with your growth, accompanying and continuously improving the solution.

Excellent prices

Web developments starting at $ 250.00 USD. Mobile Apps & ERP from $3000.00. Graphic design from $450.00 USD. Staff Augmentation, from $15.00 to $25.00 USD /hour.

Growing up together
  • We create informatic and communication solutions for your business to grow and we offer the accompanying you need.
SolutioN methodology
  • We work with the client to determine their informatics needs for growth.
  • We establish together a product delivery schedule and develop with quality and transparency.
  • We help you get the most out of your technological investment through training and accompanying.
Software To Grow
  • We have a strict quality control system based on specifications elaborated along with the client.
  • We develop open solutions that solve your current needs and can be easily scaled up as your company grows.
  • We base our solution on the knowledge and experience of the client.
  • Skills: RoR, React, JS, C#/Transaq‐SQL, PHP/MySQL, Pythom/Postgres, WordPress,  .Net/Cordoba/Xamarin, Android, IOS,  Angular, NodeJS, Symphony, Laravel.
Code of Quality and Transparency
  • All the products we deliver to the client are his property, fully operable by his staff.
  • We offer competitive prices and payment facilities.
  • We are committed to the results of the solution and provide the support the client needs.
  • We work based on contracts with clear terms and specific objectives.
At your service
  • Multidisciplinary team: system analysts, accountants, programmers, designers and communicators.

Payment Gateways

  Make your customers pay online: We use secure gateways. We can channel payments via Paypal, Stripe, or through your bank's API.  We are governed  by international quality and aesthetics standards, but the main concern is what the client prefers....
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Design and Communication

We make your business visible in social networks and through E-mail. We can also help you create or improve your corporate image through an identity manual. We are governed by international quality and aesthetics standards, but the main concern is what the client...
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  We create your  place on the Internet, where your customers can go from social networks or Email. Where the information that will make you sell is, or the store with your products.   We are governed  by international quality and aesthetics standards, but...
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Bertrand Moussel

Bertrand Moussel

Canto OÜ, Estonia

They succeeded in a new challenge for them: an audio streaming app with synchronized voice and voiceless playback tracks.

Felipe González

Felipe González

Amadeus, Spain

This business is very professional, they are very good at getting around difficulties, so DDSSL done robust and attractive products. They offer very good customer Service.

Carlos Figueroa

Carlos Figueroa

ZelcomSolutions, NJ, USA

DOSSL is my partner company for software applications. They create Websites and Mobile Apps as a complement of my communications and security solutions.

Herman Bynke

Herman Bynke

Incubatec AB, Sweden

We have a long-term and successful B2B relationship.




Excellent professionals, I have seen them successfully take on several important challenges.

Víctor González

Víctor González

VagWireless, Puerto Rico

They always find the way to create the software functionalities you need. They aree very committed to us.

Javier Romero

Javier Romero

Mode on Tecno, Spain

You call them and they are always there, they do what you ask no matter how difficult it can be. They are resilent and very creative.

From the portfolio

Desarrollo de la versión Cloud de varios módulos del Sistema CODEAS, para Control Económico Integral de asociaciones y cooperativas. CODEAS es un producto de la compañía Quarzo. (
Desarrollo del Sistema de Control de Procesos InfoEmprende, para la Escuela de Negocios CubaEmprende de la Iglesia Católica en Cuba. Se incluye MS Office Add-On para el marketing digital, automatización de la gestión en FaceBook y Twitter, y soporte al sitio web
Desarrollo del Sistema de Gestión Económica Integral de la Imprenta Taller San José del Arzobispado de La Habana: Ventas, Compras, Producción, Recursos Humanos, Análisis de Gastos, Contabilidad General. La institución no tiene presencia on-line.