Client – Server Applications

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), advanced administration and statistics tools.
  • We also make custom-made functionalities on software products for other companies, including re-factoring.

Quality and good taste

We are governed by international quality and aesthetics standards, but the main concern is what the client prefers.

Competitive prices

Prices are low compared to the rest of the market, without compromising quality.

Professionalism and respect

We work with high level professionals who take into account the vision and good practices of the client.

Prices according with your request

The prices of the products developed by our professionals are tailored to the size and needs of the client, achieving a mutual agreement.

  • C#/Transaq-SQL, JS, PHP/MySQL, Pythom/Postgres, WordPress.
  • Angular, NodeJS, Symphony, Laravel.
  • Desktop applications and plug-ins for office.

Small applications

Prices per Hours
  • Simple applications without a high level of complexity.
  • Benefits
  • Support 

Complex Applications

Of a high level of robustness
  • Applications with a high level of complexity.
  • Includes linked DB Server SQL.
  • Benefits
  • Support